MRCSP is dedicated to sharing the information developed through its research. The most recent information about the Development Phase project is posted on the Project Updates page. Technical reports from the completed projects are posted on the Reports page. On this page you will find some of our presentations describing the project and the preliminary research findings.

Phase III

Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership: Importance of Field Projects and Regional Mapping to Demonstrate Geologic Storage Potential, Neeraj Gupta, Adapted presentation from Energy Exchange Seminar Series, Penn State, January 19, 2016.

Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership, Neeraj Gupta, Adapted presentation from Carbon Storage R&D Review Meeting, Transforming Technology through Integration and Collaboration, August 18-20, 2015.

August 2013
Perspectives on 10 Years of Geologic Storage Research by MRCSP, presented by Neeraj Gupta at US DOE NETL Carbon Storage R&D Project Review meeting. This presentation describes the experience and findings from more than ten years of research conducted by MRCSP. Since it was launched, MRCSP has completed two phases of multifaceted research and is now in the midst of a third phase which involves a large scale field demonstration.
MRCSP Baseline Monitoring Results Large-Scale Injection of CO₂ in Depleted Reefs in Northern Michigan, presented by Jacqueline Gerst at US DOE NETL Carbon Storage R&D Project Review meeting. This poster describes the eight groups of monitoring techniques and tools that are being tested at the MRSCP large scale field demonstration. The tests will be used to help determine the usefulness of various tools in different geologic settings and will help future projects determine the most efficient set of monitoring tools to meet their site-specific needs.
MRCSP: Partnering with Industry for Large and Small Scale CCS Projects, presented by Darrell Paul at US DOE NETL Carbon Storage R&D Project Review meeting. This presentation describes how the research community, industry and energy companies are partnering through the MRCSP to study CCS and build on existing infrastructure and human resources throughout the region.
July 2013
CO₂ Enhanced Oil Recovery and Geologic Storage in the Midwestern USA, presented by Neeraj Gupta at the U.S. Energy Association Briefing. This presentation describes MRCSP’s large scale demonstration field test in an oilfield in Michigan and its relevance to the region.
November 2012
The project progress was presented at 11th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies in Kyoto, Japan. Click here for the technical poster.
Phase II

May 2008
Two presentations were made by the MRCSP at the 7th Annual Carbon Capture and Sequestration Conference on May 7, 2008.
April 2008
MRCSP conducted a briefing for members of the press at the Michigan Basin location.
March 2008
MRCSP conducted public information meetings at the Burger Field location.
December 2007
March 2007
Members of the MRCSP team participated in the Regional Carbon Sequestration Meeting hosted by US EPA Region V during March 2007. The presentations regarding the MRCSP activities are included here:
February 2006
The MRCSP conducted a briefing for environmental groups to share information about carbon sequestration activities in the region including the MRCSP project and the Ohio River Valley Project. The full set of slides from this briefing are included below:
December 2005
This presentation provides an overview of Phase II activities for the public.

Geologic Project Briefings
These presentations provide overviews of the geologic field tests being conducted in Phase II.
Phase I

During Phase I the MRCSP team briefed many groups about the partnership’s research project sponsored by the US Department of Energy and its National Energy Technology Laboratory as well as on the activities of the MRCSP. By and large, the materials presented during these briefings were pretty similar. You can see who we briefed by visiting the attached schedule and you can see the basic presentation by visiting the attached briefing document.

Pennsylvania DCNR Terrestrial Seminar
Harrisburg, PA

May 9, 2005
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