Core Energy and MRCSP Research Featured in the Gaylord Herald-Times on CO₂ Enhanced Oil Recovery

November 30, 2017

Wayne Goodman, a member of the MRCSP Geology Team, was featured as part of a five-part series examining oil and natural gas in Otsego County, Michigan. The piece in The Gaylord Herald-Times discussed the use of carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in Michigan by Core Energy and the synergistic research partnership with Battelle on carbon sequestration.

Core Energy currently operates the only commercial EOR project east of the Mississippi using anthropogenic or captured carbon dioxide. This site is also the location for the MRCSP Development Phase Project as well as an earlier Validation Phase Project. Using carbon dioxide for EOR is a proven and increasingly cost-attractive technology for boosting oil production in maturing fields, and EOR operations pose a much smaller risk than conventional oil exploration because EOR uses reservoirs that have been proven historical producers. The pioneering efforts by Core Energy provide an example of CCS technology development benefits to the MRCSP region. 

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