Midwestern Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership Holds its Annual Meeting

November 9, 2017

Approximately 100 Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (MRCSP) stakeholders met in Washington, DC for the annual review meeting. Members of the technical team presented recent accomplishments in the field activities and research efforts. In addition, because the MRCSP Demonstration Project is nearing completion of the field activities, this meeting had an added emphasis on the future role of CCS/CCUS and how research results are shared with stakeholders. 

Jeff Erickson, from the Global CCS Institute, kicked off a discussion of the global status of carbon capture, highlighting the importance of projects that have moved to implementation and the lessons from those that have not. This led to discussion on recent technical advances but also the context for implementation into industry and policy.  

Talks by Angelos Kokkinos and Darin Damiani from the Department of Energy laid out the research agendas for the U.S. DOE Fossil Energy Program and the Storage Program. Battelle’s Neeraj Gupta gave an overview of Battelle’s CCS/CCUS efforts through the MRCSP and in complimentary efforts in the region. Fatima Ahmad from C2ES closed the first session by presenting the policy context for future CCS/CCUS developments in the US. Of note, C2ES has published information explaining the importance of CCS/CCUS to achieving global environmental goals as well as the net benefits from oil produced using CO₂ EOR.  

Other sessions reviewed technical accomplishments of the research team in the MRCSP region from this past year. It included presentations on the regional geological mapping being undertaken by the MRCSP regional geology team; a status of the field operations, characterization, monitoring, and modeling for the MRCSP large-scale test hosted by Core Energy in Michigan; and an update on offshore storage resource assessment in the Mid-Atlantic offshore region.  

Industrial and NGO stakeholders were invited to discuss the status of CCS/CCUS and the path forward in a panel moderated by Shannon Angielski from Carbon Utilization Research Council. A recurring theme is articulation of the business case for CCS/CCUS. This theme carried forward into a review of the three CarbonSAFE projects being led by Battelle in Michigan, Ohio, and Nebraska and a review of CCS/CCUS in the Northern Great Plains region. John Harju of the PCOR Partnership pointed out that North Dakota put in place three key statutes that are fostering CCS/CCUS. These include statutory unitization codes, a long-term liability trust, and soon-to-be primacy for UIC Class VI permitting.

The geological research team from the MRCSP region held a review meeting the day before the annual meeting. This meeting gave the team members a chance to meet face-to-face to coordinate date and further the mapping efforts. Progress was summarized for the participants in the annual meeting. 

The annual meeting is an important opportunity for those involved in CCS in the region to meet, share information, and further working relationships. The MRCSP convenes these discussions as part of its mission to build a core competency in the region. 

2017 MRCSP Annual Partners Meeting
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