The 13th Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT-13) – Proceeding Papers

September 11, 2017

The proceedings from GHGT-13 are now available online. These are open source and do not require a subscription.  The MRCSP team presented several topics ranging from a program overview update to technology applications and best practices for CCUS. Presentations for MRCSP and related Battelle projects can be accessed using the following links:
  • Gupta, et al., Lessons Learned from CO₂ Injection, Monitoring, and Modeling Across a Diverse Portfolio of Depleted Closed Carbonate Reef Oil Fields – The Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership Experience (Link
  • Conner, et al., Developing Best Practices for Evaluating Fluid Saturations with Pulsed Neutron Capture Logging Across Multiple Active CO₂-EOR Fields (Link
  • Haagsma, et al., Static Earth Modeling of Diverse Michigan Niagara Reefs and the Implications for CO₂ Storage (Link
  • Mishra, et al., Analyzing the Performance of Closed Reservoirs Following CO₂ Injection in CCUS Projects (Link
  • Gupta, et al., Integrated Sub-basin Scale Exploration for Carbon Storage Targets: Advanced Characterization of Geologic Reservoirs and Caprocks in the upper Ohio River Valley (Link
  • Cumming, et al., Mid-Atlantic U.S. Offshore Carbon Storage Resource Assessment (Link
  • Duguid, et al., Well integrity assessment of monitoring wells at an active CO₂-EOR flood (Link
  • Mishra, et al., Developing and Validating Simplified Predictive Models for CO₂ Geologic Sequestration (Link
  • Fukai, et al., Technical and economic performance metrics for CCUS projects: Example from the East Canton Consolidated Oil Field, Ohio, USA (Link
  • Jiao, et al., A field demonstration of an active reservoir pressure management through fluid injection and displaced fluid extraction at the Rock Springs Uplift A priority geologic CO₂ storage site for Wyoming (Link
  • Sminchak, et al., Integrated Analysis of Geomechanical Factors for Geologic CO₂ Storage in the Midwestern United States (Link)   
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