MRCSP Leaders Contribute to Society of Petroleum Engineers “Grand Challenge: Carbon Capture and Sequestration” Paper

March 20, 2017

Battelle’s Neeraj Gupta and Lydia Cumming coauthored a recent Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) paper on the Grand Challenges facing Carbon Capture and Sequestration. The challenges listed are (1) Cost Effective Capture of Power Sector and Industrial Carbon Dioxide, (2) Carbon Dioxide Storage in Geologic Formations – The Challenges of Scale and Pore Space Access, (3) Reusing Old Fields and Infrastructure, Well Engineering Operations and Design, (4) Demonstrating that Storage is Secure, (5) Dealing with the Availability of Much More CO₂, (6) Development and Dissemination of Best Practices and (7) Encouraging R&D Policies/Efforts to Address the Challenges. The full paper is published on the SPE website and a summary is published in the January 2017 issue of the Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT). The paper authors presented an SPE webinar on the topic on March 2. 

A link to the paper can be found here.
A link to the Webinar can be found here

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