Battelle to Represent MRCSP at International Carbon Capture and Storage Conference

June 30, 2016

Battelle will be presenting MRCSP research findings at the 2nd Combined Meeting of the IEAGHG Modeling and Monitoring Networks in July 2016 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Program (IEAGHG) is an international collaborative research program established in 1991 under the International Energy Agency (IEA). The program created several networks that bring together experts from around the world to share information on different aspects of carbon capture and storage. The meeting of the Modeling and Monitoring Network will focus on “Using the modeling-monitoring loop to demonstrate storage performance more effectively.” The British Geological Survey and Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage are hosting the meeting.

Amber Conner, Research Scientist at Battelle, will give a presentation that highlights the efforts by MRCSP to advance the monitoring technique known as Pulsed neutron capture (PNC) logging. This technique is successfully applied in many geologic settings but traditional PNC measurements, like Sigma, are not sufficiently sensitive for certain oil field conditions including 3-phase systems (oil-water-gas) and zones of low porosity. MRCSP has been working with the technology vendor to improve the applicability of the tool through data processing approaches, Monte Carlo analysis, and incorporation of factors such as wellbore conditions, logging configurations, reservoir geologic and geochemical conditions. Advanced PNC tool technology requires more comprehensive understanding of geologic and geochemical conditions to create accurate models for estimating relative saturations of various fluid phases. Each field and well is treated as a unique case and modeled according to its geological and geochemical characteristics prior to PNC logging. This provides optimal data output and better resolution of injected CO₂. Conner’s presentation is entitled: “Optimizing Pulsed Neutron (PNC) Logging and Modeling Techniques.”

Neeraj Gupta, Senior Research Leader at Battelle, will be giving an update on the linkage between modeling and monitoring results for the MRCSP large-scale test in Michigan. Andrew Duguid will present recent progress in understanding and mitigating well integrity risks for CO₂ storage. For more information visit the IEAGHG website.
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