Pennsylvania Geological Survey Presents a Carbon Sequestration Lecture to Lehigh University

March 31, 2016

The Pennsylvania Geological Survey had an opportunity to speak with undergraduate and graduate students at Lehigh University's Earth and Environmental Sciences Department in Bethlehem, PA, on March 8. Kristin Carter, an Assistant State Geologist at the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, provided an interactive lecture and discussion on how the commonwealth has engaged in carbon capture utilization and storage research since 2003, and highlighted its collaboration with Battelle Memorial Institute, which has resulted in technical deliverables that inform stakeholders and researchers alike regarding sequestration opportunities throughout the greater MRCSP Region.

One particular discussion focused on how Pennsylvania and MRCSP conduct research at various scales to characterize sequestration reservoirs. Kristin demonstrated the geologic software that her team uses to do the characterization of sequestration reservoirs. The discussion also focused on ways that the Pennsylvania Geological Survey is working directly with professors and graduate students to perform value-added reservoir characterization research to support ongoing MRCSP Phase III regional characterization studies.
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