Battelle Wins One of Four Grants to Assess Carbon Sequestration In Offshore Geologic Formations

July 24, 2015

DOE recently announced the award of four research grants to assess carbon sequestration in deep geologic formations in areas located off the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. The geologic formations being studied include saline formations and depleted oil and natural gas fields. The research will use existing geologic and geophysical data to develop resource estimates of the amount of carbon dioxide that can be safely stored in these formations.

Funded through the DOE's Carbon Storage program, the four projects are designed to further the mission of advancing the effectiveness of carbon storage technologies, mitigate the challenges associated with implementation, and facilitate commercial deployment within the next two decades.

Battelle is teaming with five State and U.S. Geological Survey offices and four universities to assess the offshore mid-Atlantic coastal region from the Georges Banks through the Long Island Platform to the southern Baltimore Canyon Trough. This study, known as the Mid-Atlantic U.S. Offshore Carbon Storage Resource Assessment Project, will present the first assessment of storage resources in this large and important offshore area. This project will extend the regional geologic storage assessment work being conducted under the MRCSP.

In an article from Climate Central, Battelle's Dr. Neeraj Gupta explained the value of this research: "If you look along the coastal areas, they're highly crowded — there is hardly any space for doing projects like this. Offshore formations present a potential cost-effective and safe option for mitigating the carbon dioxide emissions from some of the numerous coal and natural gas-fired power plants serving the major cities of the Northeast."

The three year research project is expected to begin in October 2015.
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