Technical Data Set for Geologic Storage Case Study Available for Download

February 16, 2015

Pennsylvania Geological Survey (PAGS) released the second in its series of seven open-file reports from a reconnaissance-level evaluation of geologic carbon sequestration for a case study in western Pennsylvania. The open file report - OFOG 14–02, Using geophysical and remote sensing techniques to evaluate deep geologic formations in Indiana County, Pennsylvania—Raw 2 D seismic data - is now online at and through the PaGEODE site at Open-file reports are informal releases that have not gone through an editorial review process; they have, however, received a technical review by at least one (and commonly two) bureau staff member(s). Open-file reports cover a variety of geologic topics, including bedrock and surficial geologic maps, and maps pertaining to sinkholes and karst-related features. The first report in the series, subtitled Geologic Structure from 2D Seismic Data, is a map of the subsurface Onondaga Limestone structure interpreted from these 2D seismic data, was released last year. Subsequent open-file reports will include additional technical data sets, relevant findings and interpretations about the case study such as processed 2D seismic data and oil and gas well header and formation tops data.
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