Two New CCS Documents from EPA and DOE

December 31, 2013

The US EPA released for public comment the DRAFT Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program Guidance on Transitioning Class II Wells to Class VI Wells. This document is important because it provides owners or operators with technical guidance to help inform decisions regarding transitioning of Class II wells used to inject carbon dioxide (CO₂) for enhanced recovery of oil or gas to Class VI wells used for geologic sequestration of CO₂. The draft Guidance is available for public review and comment on EPA’s website on Class VI wells (the public comment period is open from December 12, 2013 through March 1, 2014). Also available on the website is information about the Class VI Rule, including other draft and final guidance documents.

The US DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information recently released the report entitled: Simulation Framework For Regional Geologic CO₂ Storage Along Arches Province Of Midwestern United States. The ‘Arches Province’ is a region in northeastern Indiana, northern Kentucky, western Ohio, and southern Michigan where sedimentary rock formations form broad arch and platform structures. This technical report is important because it contains valuable geotechnical information on the Mount Simon Sandstone, which was collected as part of a larger effort to evaluate CO₂ storage potential in the Arches Province of the Midwest USA. The Mount Simon sandstone is an appealing deep saline formation for CO₂ storage because of its thickness and permeability.
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