MI Teachers Explore CCUS with Core Energy and MRCSP

August 16, 2013

Core Energy welcomed 25 Earth Science teachers for a tour of the MRCSP Phase III project in early August. The site visit was designed to give the teachers a comprehensive view of CCUS and access to expert information about CCUS and the related scientific issues. Stops on the tour included the compression facility where CO₂ gas is prepared for injection, the Dover 33 injection well, and the central processing facility where CO₂ collected from the production wells is separated out for recycling back into the injection well. In addition to the tour, Core Energy arranged a session to provide the teachers with the history of oil and gas production in Michigan, the role of CO₂ enhanced oil recovery (EOR), Core Energy’s EOR experience, and the background and goals of the MRCSP research effort. The visit provided opportunities for a broader discussion on the science, benefits, and limitations of domestic energy production. Bob Mannes, the founder of Core Energy, led the visit. “I’m excited by the chance to share our knowledge about this important industry with science teachers,” said Mannes, “these teachers have a base of scientific knowledge that allows us to dive into the details of how and why we are using CO₂ to optimize use of Michigan’s oil and gas resources.” The teachers seemed to appreciate hearing about energy and environmental issues from an industry perspective. MRCSP includes links to additional Information on the website. 
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