MRCSP Plans Next Step in Evaluating Greenville, Ohio Site

April 13, 2009

The MRCSP is in the initial stages of planning the seismic survey, the next step in the process of characterizing the geology near the proposed Greenville, Ohio carbon sequestration test that would use CO₂ from the ethanol plant. Last week, two project staff--one from Battelle and one from Appalachian Geophysical--met with the County Engineer and travelled the area in a private car to identify the specific routes or lines where the survey should be located. They will develop a survey plan, seek permission from State, county and city jurisdictions, and appropriate landowners as needed, and communicate with the public living near roads that will be used, before beginning the survey. This information will also be posted to this web site and in the local newspaper. Evaluation of seismic survey data is an important step in the project approval process for determining whether the reservoir is suitable for the safe capture and storage of the CO₂ from the ethanol plant.
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