Michigan Basin Project Achievements To Date

The Michigan Basin Development Phase project is a CCUS project that is delivering numerous benefits to the environment and to the economy. CCUS projects combine the benefits of carbon STORAGE with the added benefits of carbon UTILIZATION. In EOR, injected carbon dioxide is UTILIZED to help move hydrocarbons through the rock to production wells to enhance oil production. During that process some carbon dioxide remains in the rock and some is recycled through the production well for reinjection. During the past 43 months, the project has STORED 580,687 tons of carbon dioxide and monitored the production of 515,284 barrels of oil.

Using EPA’s Calculator, the storage value is
equivalent to:
  • Removal of 123,000 passenger cars for a year
  • Amount stored by 550,000 acres of forest
  • Switching 20,600,000 incandescent lights to LEDs

Based on a 2016 Michigan Oil and Gas Study, the production value provides:
  • 170 jobs yielding more than $7.1 M in income
  • $1.3 M in severance and sales taxes
  • $3.6 M in other taxes and royalties
As of August 31, 2016. To learn how the progress metrics were calculated, please click here.
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